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Whether you are a child or an adult, when your dentist sees issues with your jaw or teeth that require specialized treatment, you will likely be referred to an orthodontist who will diagnose and treat your dental irregularities. Problems with the alignment of your teeth are generally the primary reason orthodontic work is necessary, and this usually becomes obvious once your permanent teeth Kid Dentist Belleville PA 17004 have come in during adolescence. Before you visit the orthodontist, your dentist can prepare your mouth for braces, making the process more efficient and easier. Here are four ways your dental professional can prepare you for braces.

1. Preparatory Treatment

It’s important to prepare for braces by first getting a routine teeth cleaning. This will make the installation process go more quickly, and it will Belleville PA 17004 also provide the opportunity to get any cavities filled that might negatively impact your orthodontic treatment. A professional cleaning will rid your mouth of any calcified plaque such as tartar that can easily build up in difficult-to-reach areas. You can also be checked for other oral problems that can indicate symptoms of other potential diseases in your body.

2. Tooth Extraction

If your mouth is Kid Dentist Belleville PA 17004 crowded, your dentist can remove one or multiple permanent teeth to make room for the remaining teeth to fit together more comfortably. When this type of extraction is done properly, it can save both time and money on the orthodontic front because less realignment will ultimately be needed. In cases where tooth extraction alone fails to solve the problem and does not correct Belleville PA 17004 a bite that’s extremely out of alignment, jaw surgery can also be used in combination with the required orthodontics.

3. Early Bite Correction

Another important step is to have your bite problems analyzed. Most bite issues are easily fixed at an early age, particularly before any permanent teeth have come in, but can still be fixed at a later age too. The majority of bite Belleville PA 17004 problems fall into the category of an underbite where the front teeth protrude because of an imbalance between the size of the upper and lower jaw. Another common bite problem is when the upper jaw is too narrow and a cross-bite of the back teeth occurs, resulting in jaw joint shifting (TMJ) when chewing.

4. Pre-Orthodontic Guidance

Once your mouth has been prepared, but you’re Belleville PA 17004 not yet ready for the next step, you will have periodic visits to monitor any changes in your facial growth, to chart any changes in your permanent teeth, and to set up any necessary preventive measures. When the time is most appropriate, dentists and orthodontists will work together to share diagnostic records and to discuss recommendations for treatment. This stage can still happen Belleville PA 17004 at any age, even though it will likely happen at a quicker rate in children or adolescents rather than in adults.

Once your dentist has prepared you for braces, you can look forward to an optimally balanced and aligned bite that will allow for the control of gum tissues, less bone recession, improved dental hygiene, and less abnormal wear and tear of the surfaces Belleville PA 17004 of your teeth.

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