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Fear is often associated with the dental chair. Many people are afraid to visit the dentist and their anxiety grows more when asked to sit down for the required treatment. These days however, dental technology has solutions so patients can undergo any procedure without thinking about the pain. From cleaning to root canal you can relax in the dental chair with the help of sedation dentistry.

Sedation Kid Dentist New Plymouth ID 83655 is the ideal solution for any discomfort when undergoing any dental procedure. Not all dentists however can employ this solution. Only trained and certified ones should carry out sedation dentistry. Your sedation dentist will use medication to soothe away your anxieties and fear. Depending on the level of sedation, you may be awake but relaxed.

If you want to try this dental solution, here are key questions New Plymouth ID 83655 you might want to ask your dentist when visiting for a consultation. Brief answers are provided but your dentist will be able to explain well.

Will the procedure make me sleep?

Know that there are levels of sedation and you will be fully unconscious only if you opt for general anesthesia. This is only administered for those who have extreme dental fears. Your doctors may be required to Kid Dentist New Plymouth ID 83655 monitor your vital signs as well.

For added information, the other levels of this solution are:


  • Minimal sedation or inhaled – this is when you breathe nitrous oxide
  • Oral sedation – here you take a pill to calm your nerves
  • IV moderate sedation – your dentist will administer the sedative through your vein


Will I feel pain?

Your dentist can adjust your sedation level depending New Plymouth ID 83655 on your needs. He makes sure that the appropriate amount of medication is provided so that your comfort is assured. You can relax throughout the treatment as you will not feel the pain.

Are all types of dental procedure covered in sedation dentistry?

From routine cleaning to complex procedures, sedation dentistry can be used. Whether you are in need of dental implants, root canals, or even tooth extraction, New Plymouth ID 83655 this branch of dentistry can be administered by your dentist.

Is sedation dentistry for everybody?

Some dental treatments are not possible for everyone but sedation dentistry is a choice for patients. This is highly recommended for anyone who suffers from dental phobia or anxieties. If you have low pain threshold, you can request for this dental solution. Those who have poor gag reflex, physical limitations in their jaw, New Plymouth ID 83655 neck, or back as well as those who are completing several treatments in one visit can benefit from sedation dentistry. Ask your sedation dentist for more information.

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